Episode 38: Environment/PFAS Deep Dive with Judith Enck and Rep. Delgado 

In Episode 38, Spotlight 19 takes a deep dive into the environment, with a specific focus on the PFAS issue. PFAS are a group of chemicals used to produce firefighting foam and other heavy industrial products that are known carcinogens. Companies like Dupont and 3M are just some of the entities responsible for these chemicals. Spotlight 19's own Sajaa Tracy was fortunate to speak to Judith Enck, former Region 2 EPA Administrator who provides a primer on the PFAS issue. Sajaa also spoke with Representative Antonio Delgado, who appears on the show for the first time as our Congressman (after many appearances as candidate)! Congressman Delgado will talk about some of the legislation and work he has done on the PFAS issue.  Three ways to listen: Stream directly here or here, or download on your podcast app here!

To find out more about the environmental initiatives discussed by Judith Enck in the episodes, visit, follow her on at https://twitter.com/enckj and visit http://beyondplastics.org/

To sign up for Representative Delgado's newsletter and stay up to date about when he will be in a location near you, visit: https://delgado.house.gov/contact/newsletter-subscribe

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