Spotlight 19 is New York Congressional District's 19's original podcast to keep Representative John Faso accountable for his voting record. Borne out of the various grassroots efforts in the aftermath of the November 2016 election, the podcast explains Faso's votes and conducts interviews with activists and candidates. This summer and fall, Spotlight 19 will be speaking regularly all of the Democratic candidates including our Congressman, Antonio Delgado, and state level candidates whose districts overlap with NY19. Sajaa and Justin Tracy host, and record at Hurley Sound Studio in Hurley, NY. Previous guests include: 


The "Resistance" needs a podcast to keep up to date on their member of Congress, especially in a district as vast as #NY19, which includes all or part of 11 counties and borders four states--this means no single media market serves the entire district. Modeled on Crooked Media's Pod Save America (but without the snark and HBO deal), Sajaa and Justin Tracy decided to make use of their respective backgrounds in government and in music to produce Spotlight 19. Spotlight 19 is not affiliated formally with any other group or the Democratic Party, and is an independent, not-for-profit production of Hurley Sound Studio. Spotlight 19 will be essential during the election in order to educate the volunteer base about the issues before they canvass by phone, in the era COVID.